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Force of Will - Force of Will - Boite de - 36 Boosters - D1 - Cluster Duel 1 - Game of Gods - Version Anglaise

Boite de D1 - Cluster Duel 1 - Game of Gods - Version Anglaise

EAN : 4580578402896

Conditionné en Boite de 36 Boosters.

In this new Cluster of Force of Will, discover the new world of Ma'at, the world where Nyarlathotep is making the Game of Gods in front of Odin and Loki, with the help of... Kaguya ?!?
Find Tales and Villains in this Duel Cluster 1 and all new Rulers mechanics in this extension !!!
Gods are taking possession of resonators on the fields in order to change the battle , in this world of duels which is Ma'at, where Nyarlathotep is the main god over there !!
Each resonator Tales or Villains can be added only with Rulers with this type !!

Find back all of your favorite characters from Force of Will following the New Valhalla Cluster, after changing the history, in this extension !!

Chaque Booster contient 10 cartes.

Cette édition est composée de plus de 93 nouvelles cartes :
-Normal 42 kinds
-Rare 22 kinds
-Super Rare 15 kinds
-Marvel Rare 5 kinds
-Ruler/J-Ruler 4 kinds
-Basic magic stone 5 kinds
-Will coin card 4 kinds
-Token card 3 kinds
- Life counter card 12 kinds

EAN d'un booster Le Jeu des Dieux : 4580578402889
EAN d'une boite de 36 boosters Le Jeu des Dieux : 4580578402896

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