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Force of Will - Force of Will - Boite de - 36 Boosters - S3 - Saga Cluster 3 - Assault into the Demonic World - Version Anglaise

Boite de S3 - Saga Cluster 3 - Assault into the Demonic World  - Version Anglaise

EAN : 4580578402513

Conditionné en Boite de 36 Boosters.

The truth comes to light, the invaders come from Satan's World, to break the balance of Valhalla.
This is why Ragnarok and Wolfgang were sent to the past through the dimensional tunnel !!

These tunnels also contaminated Yggdrasil, who sent some of his power to the Demonic World !!
The only solution to avoid all this is to take these tunnels in the opposite direction !!!

So we find Pricia, who is close to Gil Lapis and Yggdrasil, protecting the Earth,
while Faria and Charlotte prepare to go to the Demonic World looking for teammates !!

Discover the Demonic World, and its creator, in the next edition of Force of Will - Assault the Demonic World !!!

Find 100 new cards in this all new extensionof force of Will.


Chaque Booster contient 10 cartes.

Cette édition est composée de plus de 100 nouvelles cartes :
-Normal 60
-Rare 15
-Super Rare 15
-Marvel Rare 5
-Ruler/J-Ruler 5
-Basic magic stone 5
-Life counter card 15
-Will coin card 5
-Token card ?

EAN du booster : 4580578402506

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