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Force of Will - Force of Will - Boite de - 36 Boosters - AO4 - Alice Origin 4 / Prologue of Attoractia - Version Anglaise

Boite de AO4 - Alice Origin 4 / Prologue of Attoractia - Version Anglaise

EAN : 4580578401769

Conditionné en Boite de 36 Boosters.

After weeks of battles on Attoractia, a huge Black Moon appears up in the Attoractia's sky, announcing the worst is yet to come and his name is Gill Lapis, blindly followed by his Minions, trying to invade Vell-Savaria.

But he had not foreseen someone's willing to defend it, Lord Magna, creator of the Regalia, and the Twelves Protectives Deities, ready to battle for the sake of Vell-Savaria and the fate of Attoractia.

In the middle of this battle, a smile bright in the darkness with the name of Dark Alice, no one knows why she is here, and for what reason..

Discover the last chapter of Alice Origin Cluster with Prologue of Attoractia with new Strangers, New Regalia and for the 1st time, new Rarity : Marvel Rare !!!

Moreover, new mechanics appear, and some will bring memories back to older players.


Chaque Booster contient 10 cartes.

Cette édition est composée de 124 cartes dont seulement 15 reprints :
- Marvel Rare : 5
- Super Rare : 15
- Rare : 21
- Normal : 83

Buy A Box : 1 carte RULER limitée parmi les 3 existantes dans chaque boite

EAN du booster : 4580578401752

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