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Force of Will - Force of Will - Boite de - 20 Boosters - AO3 - Alice Origin 3 - Version Anglaise

Boite de AO3 - Alice Origin 3 - Version Anglaise

EAN : 4580578401660

Packaged in boxes of 20 boosters.

Arla, king of Armalla, decided to unit his angel's army to fight against the Niflheim's Kingdom, where a strange power is felt in this dark city, to avoid the fall of Vell-Savaria.

Moreover, Attoractia seems to be the place where travelers meets , and we don't know the reason yet.

Strangers from other worlds, unknown travelers, what can we expect from this journey ?


Each Booster contains 10 cards.

Product Breakdown
-Normal 56 kinds
-Rare 22 kinds
-Super Rare 18 kinds
-Basic magic stones 5 kinds
-Token card 3 kinds
-Life counter card 9 kinds
-Coin card 3 kinds

Total 116 kinds + 1 ruler (Buy-box PR card)

Pre-Order Bonuses : 1 Limited PR Card for 1 Box
* only available for first printing

Code EAN du booster AO2 : 4580578401653

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