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Force of Will TCG - Boite de - 20 Boosters - AO2 - Alice Origin 2

Boite de AO2 - Alice Origin 2

EAN : 4580587401523

Packaged in boxes of 20 boosters.

Travelling around Attoractia, we discover this little girl playing with beasts is Pricia, who try to protect her home land from the ambitious Valentina, who get her original form and reign over Shangri-La with her own way.

On the other side, we have Lord Machina, who plan to finish his Marybell Project with his little assistant Mariabella and all the others machine from the technological city of Leginus.

We still have the notes of Magna, saying there is a Stranger to this world searching for a Regalia to dominate all of them and even all others worlds but will Magna just watch this time or will he change the fate of this world ?

Find out how the war begins in the world of Attoractia and how the new spells and Regalia would change the battle for this world


Each Booster contains 10 cards.

Product Breakdown
-Normal 26 kinds
-Rare 19 kinds
-Super Rare 19 kinds
-Memorial card 63 kinds
-Basic magic stones 10 kinds
-Token card 2 kinds
-Life counter card 9 kinds
-Coin card 18 kinds

Total 166 kinds + 1 ruler (Buy-box PR card)

Pre-Order Bonuses : 1 Limited PR Card for 1 Box
* only available for first printing

JAN Code for booster AO2 : 4580578401516

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